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Water, the causing lifelong molecule in the planet, union of two hydrogens with an oxygen in an angle of 104.5 grades: Here resides the whole secret of life. It is the only substance that exists in the planet in the three physical states, solid, liquid and gas. It is lighter in its solid state than the liquid one and for this reason ice floats on water, otherwise lakes, preys and rivers would freeze killing the living beings that inhabit them, when floating the ice sustains life and protects it. It is also a powerful solvent that carries all type of ingredients like minerals, oxygen, nutriments and even waste products and pollutants to take them out of the body.

The side with hydrogen has electric positive charge and the side with oxygen, negative; for this reason the molecules of water will not disarticulate and they even form structures that change from hexagonal to pentagonal and vice versa in a very short period of time, 10-11 seconds. The smaller the temperature, the hexagonal structures increase which is the favorite of the living organisms.

An ion is an atom or molecule where the total number of electrons is not similar to the number of protons, giving it a positive or negative charge. So not only imagine the universe formed by particles in form of atoms and molecules, but rather of these dynamic small structures with electromagnetic and atomic power, ready to unchain all type of surprising reactions. As all that constitutes the universe, water is also energy and the capacity of creating it, the oxygen is also one of its key components, especially in the creation of energy as part of the combustion process and metabolism.

In pure water, when the water has a proportion of 2 hydrogens for each oxygen, the pH is similar to 7, which is to say: Neutral, neither acidic, neither alkaline, this shows the same quantity of ions OXYdril (H+) than ions HYDROxyl (OH-) but if we add acidic minerals as sulfur (S) or chlorine (Cl) the number of H+ it increases, because the atoms of hydrogen give electrons to the acidic minerals. When there is bigger quantity of H+ that OH- the water is acidic. If it happens the opposite it will be alkaline.

* The alkaline water has majority of OH-, therefore, it has more oxygen.
* The acidic water has majority of H+, therefore, it has less oxygen.

The human blood that is mainly water, has a pH value that fluctuates from 7.3 to 7.45 and although these values seem very similar, there is an enormous difference in the quantity of oxygen surplus, in an alkaline blood there is a lot of oxygen surplus:

The excess of ions OH - in the water with a value pH of 7.45 are of 0.0000002463.
The excess of ions OH - in the water with a value pH of 7.30 are of 0.0000001494.
The blood with a pH value of 7.45 contain 60% more oxygen surplus.

A glass of soda drink with a pH of 2.5 added to 40 liters of water with a pH of 7.4 will lower this to 4.6 of pH, fortunately the capacity of our body to maintain the homeostasis of the blood prevents that a glass of soda drink acidifies our blood below the level of 7.3. To neutralize this glass of cola drink, 32 glasses of alkaline water are required, due to its acidity and the amounts of chemicals, synthetic flavors and colorants it contains.

THE WATER is wonderful, beautiful.

pH: Ion is an unbalanced atom that makes magic.