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Since 1992 we have helped a significant number of people to recover and improve their health by applying scientific principles to natural remedies that imitate the action of mother nature, our goal is to reduce and prevent the use of any form of medication to avoid the alteration of the chemical structure of the human body.

Fusioning the ancestral knowledge with the most advanced science is our distinction stamp, we have left behind the arrogant attitude of ignoring the traditional remedies that have served people during thousands of years and we combine all together with the most recent and important discoveries.

The human body is almost entirely water, our health is determined by the integrity of such hydraulic system, so keeping our water clean while maximizing its natural levels of energy will always be the best remedy. We were the very first brand in the world to produce and commercialize bottled alkaline water in 1995.

For years we’ve been speaking openly about the terrible consequences of using chemical treatments, pills, industrialized foods and genetically modified organisms as food or medicine, the use of all these artificially manipulated substances during a life time creates accumulation inside the body which leads to cancer and autoimmune and/or degenerative diseases.

In Mexico, you will find our products and service without a problem. But pay attention to NEVER be confused by the competitors that are still trying to imitate our quality without success and this is because we started since 1992, 25 years of knowledge establish a major difference.

In the USA we currently offer two services 1.Health advisory and 2. Water engineering, please check our SHIVAWATER, our latest most exciting technological breakthrough.

The economical profit of the medical-pharmaceutical industrial complex, supported by the insurance companies, has created an unreal inflation in the prices of the medicines of up to 1000% in just a few years, while the benefits for the sick people have not increased. This is the reason why governments have declared war against our brands since we started but the testimonies of our clients have spoken louder to keep our business strong.

People first, the business later.

WATER: The integrity of your body.

Really advanced technology

Negative accumulation.

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