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TECHNOLOGY: To maintain and improve the health =
To maintain and improve the quality of the water of the organism.

Dr. Arthur Guyton said it clear: "The human body is formed by 2 kilos and half of minerals", therefore the rest is WATER, so to maintain the health is to maintain the quality of the water in our body, WATER is the best medicine.

Inside our body the blood circulates in a network of arteries and veins with a longitude of 100 thousand kilometers (two and half times the circular distance of the earth), this is the biggest organ of our body. This incredible hydraulic network gets contaminated with time by the accumulation of the metals we breathe, the chemicals and industrialized polluting food that we ingest, the medications that are prescribed and even by the cellular and metabolic waste of our own, altering and polluting gradually the circulation circuit of the blood, especially if we consider the existence of microscopic capillary vessels.

Each substance in the deepest part of the body was taken there by the blood and therefore it can also be taken out by it, the fountain of health in our body is the blood and its circulation, like we said… the water inside our body. The water heals!

When our blood acidifies below 7.45 of pH because of food, drinks, stress, smoke, alcohol or consumption of low quality food, the brain sends a signal to look for alkaline substances inside the body (calcium, potassium, sodium or magnesium) to elevate the pH, the bones are our great reserve of calcium and they give it up to the blood turning their nature to porous and brittle, this explains the osteoporosis.

The body is a machine of survival with wonderful tricks to stay alive: 1. The polluting materials are oxidative and acidifying in their majority, difficult to clean 2. They are compressed inside the body that 3. It combines and enclose them with calcium to reduce their toxic effect forming abscesses, fibromas or calculus that 4. They are stored in places where they represent less risk to life; exactly this happens with the cholesterol in the veins, the polluting material accumulates in the walls of the arteries to prevent death, same as the formation of fibromas in the case of cancer and the stones in the kidneys.

Bassocco™ technology , works just like your body

20 years ago we understood that to "maintain and improve the health = maintain and improve the quality of the water of the organism" and we began to design and to manufacture a substance that works in a similar way compared to the water of the human body, we call this product Microagua®, a drink made of alkaline water molecularly reduced, with alkaline minerals and a big load of anti-oxidants has proved to be an alternative for the treatment of degenerative diseases such as arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, lupus and all those illnesses that result "inexplicable" for the current doctors.

At the same time that Microagua® is manufactured, it is also obtained its counterpart: An acidic substance, super oxidizer that contains residuals of chlorine, with very powerful antiseptic properties but it is perfectly safe and harmless for human use; time showed us that this is a disinfectant of external use for the human body, so we named it Steril 1000®.

Both products are used as water, Microagua® is consumed like water and Steril 1000® is applied like water, they don't cause nuisance, bad scents, neither unpleasant flavors creating positive results, confirmed by thousands of clients that have found remedy and improved serious health conditions such as diabetic foot.

By understanding this, it becomes evident that the nature of the water of our body is:

- ALKALINE: It has bigger quantity of ions hydroxyl therefore it contains more oxygen and this oxygen is in the most assimilative form for the cells in the human body, it also contains alkaline dissolved minerals that work as electrolytes to carry out vital functions.
- MOLECULARLY REDUCED: At atomic level, its molecular clusters are smaller so it can circulate through the entire body, hydrating it while at the same time it transports nutriments and takes out the waste from that immense network of microscopic blood vessels.
- CHARGED WITH ENERGY: Food is transformed into nutrients and energy that should be transported through the whole body without ever stopping, a body saturated with negative accumulation avoids an efficient flow of energy.


Now watch our founder Aurelio López Bassocco, speaking about the uses of Steril 1000®. Look how good and handsome he looked at the age of 70 recording commercials as a young executive! Everyone should learn how to take care of the water in their own body, so a healthy long life could be achieved.

Here we see him again 10 years later, at the age of 80, enjoying the 2013 West Hollywood Halloween Costume Carnival in Los Angeles, CA next to his young and beautiful woman.