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Our founder, the Mexican scientist Aurelio López Bassocco, based on investigations carried out by the Institute of the Water in Japan about a new substance denominated "reduced water", began his developments in 1992 until he was able to patent two substances in 1998 that would revolutionize the market of the health at the beginning of the 21st century.

The first of them was patented under the name of “Microagua Alcalina” [Alkaline Microwater]. As its name indicates it is very alkaline and it contains great quantity of ions and alkaline electrolytes, as well as a great load of electrons that give its antioxidant properties. This “alkaline water”, as we call it regularly, is the ultimate treatment for degenerative diseases and inexplicable health conditions, because it restores the adequate balance of the cellular environment, reestablishing the equilibrium that is lost with time.

The second substance is patented with the name of “Microagua ácida” [Acidic Microwater] and it is opposed to the previous one by its elevated acidic potential and high oxidizing capacities. Consequently, this acidic water unleashes a destructive power against infectious agents and microorganisms in general. It is absolutely harmless for the human so it is used in disinfection processes, asepsis and sterilization.

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Microwater, fundamental material and immense advantage.

The use of structure water extended in Japan in the nineties. The initial success was due to its tremendous anti-oxidant properties and over the years we could prove its effectiveness in the gradual improvement of the health. We call it microwater because it is obtained from a simple process denominated electrolysis that consists of inducing a direct electric charge into natural water. The natural minerals it contains will be attracted to the positive pole if they are alkaline; while the acidic compounds, will come to the negative pole. Something very curious happens during this electrolysis: The size of the clusters of the molecules of this water, decreases; this is the reason for our "microwater" name, meaning small water.

Let us imagine two clusters of grapes, one with 19 grapes and the other one just with 5, at first sight the difference is noticed in size and in weight. Now imagine that we should need to slide those grapes through some thin pipes, the smallest clusters will enter and they will pass through in an easier way.

Exactly this is the magic of our microwater, when its reduced molecular structure enters the organism it is absorbed very quickly up to the deepest places into the capillary microscopic vessels that form our body, creating a hydrating powerful action, cleansing and balancing.

The alkaline minerals positively charged pass through a membrane and they expel an atom of hydrogen from a molecule of water that later binds with hydroxyl ions (OH-). The ions of hydrogen (H+) that have been expelled receive an electron of the negative electrode to be deionized and transformed into a molecule of hydrogen (H2) and bubble out of the water, the ionization takes place in a such a short period of time that when you put the alkaline water glass in your hand the tiny hydrogens can be seen ascending while bubbling, giving its hazy aspect. At the opposite side of the electrolysis chamber, the inverse phenomenon takes place and the oxygen is expelled outside as gas so the remaining water, deficient in oxygen that has been produced constitutes the acidic water.

Our methods follow the same mechanisms followed by the nature: First cleansing and then restoring the conditions and the balance of the components, turning alkaline what is acidic and reverting the oxidation, moisturizing what is dried, oxygenating the blood and balancing the free radicals of the body, all this creates the perfect conditions for an excellent cellular regeneration. We go against the use of conventional medication because it tends to accumulate, generating dependence and causing secondary effects while it only lasts the time it takes to go through the interior of the organism. Our effort is endorsed by thousands of our clients' testimonies, laboratory tests and scientific investigation.

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